JodyOwens DA

Jody Owens DA protects Students from Harsh Punishments

No one knows the system in Jackson, Mississippi better than Jody Owens DA. Many can label the school system as a school-to-prison pipeline that many students fall prey to. Children are mistreated all throughout their childhood and adolescence and end up in the prison system after leaving college. Jody Owens DA is aware of the ongoing problem that is plaguing the school systems to this day even after his large victory many years ago. 

Students were barbarically being handcuffed to poles and railing for many hours for minor offenses back in 2012. Some of these offenses were simply dress code based. The children at these schools in Jackson are treated like livestock as they are harassed, bullied, and oppressed by the authorities that run the system. Jody Owens DA states that some of the schools are a prison-like environment where the children are regularly cuffed, detained, and sometimes brutalized for non-compliance. Jody Owens DA believes that this is the cause of corruption for society in Jackson, Mississippi. Fortunately, Jody Owens DA would order a cease and desist of all harsh disciplinary measures of children in the schools in 2012. Though it was a victory, more trouble was to brew over the years since then.

Jody Owens DA believes that the cycle of school-to-prison starts at home and in schools. If children are treated like inmates all throughout their time in schools, then they will not properly develop into productive adults by the time that they leave high-school. Jody Owens DA has been fighting for the safety of children in the Jackson area for years and continues to do so to this day. 

However, there is a problem that is plaguing the country. Schools have become more like prisons themselves over the years considering the amount of violence that has happened at them. Jody Owens DA works with his team of professionals in order to keep his students in his school districts safe and out of harm’s way. Society is changing and Jody Owens DA will continue to adapt so that he can get an upper hand on the situation in his school districts. The people put their faith in Jody Owens DA because they know that he has their children’s best interests in mind. Thankfully, we are beginning to see a change in the Jackson area school districts thanks to Jody Owens DA’s efforts over the years.