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About Jody Owens DA

Jody Owens DA of Hinds County, Mississippi (Jackson). Jody Owens has contributed his whole vocation safeguarding marginalized individuals from mass imprisonment, private penitentiaries, and the school-to-prison means.

Jody Owens DA has also worked relentlessly for civil rights as Managing Attorney of the Mississippi office of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Jody Owens is striving to end mass incarceration and for long-lasting, substantive change to the justice system.

His aim is to build a new re-entry plan to help people obtain jobs or advance their education after serving time, employ mental health and rehab meetings so that people can get the help they require, work to end cash bail, invest in corrective justice memoranda, and much more.

Hinds County is the largest county in Mississippi – a state that has one of the highest percentages of incarceration in the country. Jody Owens DA is eager to make an impression in his area.

Jody Owens prior to becoming the DA was the Managing Attorney of the Mississippi office of the Southern Poverty Law Center since 2011. In that position, he produced civil rights cases throughout Mississippi. In his legal career, he has tried civil and criminal jury trials.

Jody Owens DA has expertise prosecuting cases in several states, including Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi both in state and federal court. Previously, he worked as a Hinds County Special Prosecutor.

Jody Owens is a product of Jackson State University and earned his law degree from Howard University Law School.

Jody Owens is a Lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserves and has proudly served his country for over 7 years.

Jody Owens DA is deeply involved in his surronding area where he has served on various boards, including the Mississippi Art Museum and Springboard to Opportunities. He is married to Dr. Michelle Owens and they have 3 beautiful children.

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